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HALO 3D filaments are special polymers with extra additives for a high glossy effect in combination with an original color.

We wanted to create a 3D filament with an elegant shine, combined with refined colors. I think we have succeeded in producing a unique and special collection. Moreover, the printing convenience is great and the layers seem to melt together!

Our goal was to achieve maximum shine and unique colors that are not available on the market at this level. I hope you share our enthusiasm and enjoy 3D printing with HALO.

HALO 3D filament is tougher than normal PLA, prints easily and the layers fuse together to make objects appear solid. We hope you enjoy the appearance of HALO filaments and create and make fantastic 3D prints!

HALO 3D filaments is based and produced in the Netherlands and produced with care and under strict controlled conditions.

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