PLUS Spray, 3D printbed adhesive, 100 ml

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3DLAC PLUS is the newest type of adhesive spray from 3DLAC. You use very little per print and therefore 1 bottle lasts very long. - Excellent adhesion for all filament types - Easy to use - Easy to clean

3DLAC ensures good adhesion and prevents warping of your 3D prints

You can use 3DLAC on any surface.

3DLAC attaches your 3D print to the print bed and thus prevents the warping of your object.

3DLAC has a number of advantages:

  • ease of use
  • cheap
  • clean
  • easy to remove with water

Spray the still cold print bed outside the printer with 3DLAC; the spray is rather sticky. Wipe / spread the spray evenly over the bed with your fingers. Put the bed back in your printer and you are ready for your print. * NB: Allow the print bed to cool completely before removing the 3D print.

After use, you can easily clean the bed with a wet cloth.
Rinse the nozzle of the vial with lukewarm water, if the nozzle is clogged with cured spray.


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